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Fetal Doppler Handheld fetalen Monitor, Ultraschall mütterlichen Fetal Monitor (SC-FHD01)


Modell:  SC-L6


Modell Nr.: SC-L6 Typ: Patient/fetale/mütterliche Monitor Group: weibliche Bildschirm: große LCD-Bildschirm-Spezifikation: g. w: 1kg HS-Code: 90181930 Klassifizierung: Ultraschall-Doppler-Zertifizierung: CE, ISO13485 medizinische regulatorischen Gerätetyp: Typ-2-Batterie: Lin kostenpflichtigen Batterie Herkunft: Shenzhen SC-L6 fetalen Herz Doppler

Fetal Doppler Handheld Fetal Monitor, Ultrasound Maternal Fetal Monitor (SC-FHD01)

                                         Digital type /fetal doppler
Fetal Doppler is designed to meet routine examination requirements for pregnant women in
hospitals and clinics even at home, it is a high performance model with FHR digital with
backlight . The Doppler uses ultrasound technique to detect Doppler sounds from the fetus
as early as 16 weeks of pregnancy to the baby's first moment of life.

1.  Portable and light weight, easy to operate

2.  LCD data display with backlight,

3.  Accurate FHR detection with clear sound 

4.  Li-ion battery and battery capacity indicator

5.  High sensitive ,1MHzor2 Mhz doppler transducer

6.  Advanced digital signal processing (DSP) technique is applied for real-time calculation of FHR 

7.  Date and time function.

8.  Long time continuous use ( more than 4 hours)

9.  Auto power off for energy saving 

10. Built-in speaker and ear-phone output

11. Low ultrasound power, safe to the fetal
Standard Packing: One main units, one charger ,two batteries ,and one Gel.

Produktgruppe : Geburtshilfe Überwachung > Ultraschall-Doppler

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